my igoogle

well i was told to wright a post on one thing. But i could not think of what to pick. So i all the things you can do with Google is amazing. The things you can look for the things you can learn its so WOW!!!. Like they are just trying to make it better but how much better can you make? it i don’t know when they made it but there is this thing called  Igoogle. It is a place were you can add little web things i cant think what to call them. Its a way to make computer use fare fare more easer. For people that use lots of things they could find them all on one page. Its like when people try to find thing but cant find them they can go th there Igoogle. And then if you had saved it it will be there it is so much better for me to look and find thing things for school work home and play. There is set backs but i have not found none but i have one i use it for every thing at school and home i love the set up. It is vary easy to use it is well not breath taking but it is getting closer and closer i hope the will do more to make it better i like the web site but its missing something but i cant put my finger on it but that would be just about it thats my blog post about Igoogle.


my book

week one

My book is one in a seres of books the first. I don’t like reading but this book caught my eye and i though i would give it a shot. So i started reading it and i cant put it down. The beginning starts out kind of funny but in a different way. the book starts out with this girl thats i think trying to find out were she belongs but she is havening problems trying. She sounds like the girl that’s good and people make bad she did not seem bad at the start. But i guess things and people can change with a little time. I Keep looking at the things she is doing it is like she is just a follower of sort. She is a good girl but she is with the rung people it is a way of life if you think of it. It kind of makes me sick to see this in life let alone a book.


The vikings were no land men they would spend all of their time out at sea they came from northern Europe. there ships were the best the vikings were most famous for there ships the worlds biggest and greatest the long ships

.  they would have a little carving on the front of the boat a bird or some animal of there choice. when they would grow what they would needed to live be the food. they would have there frames were vary small.the things they could  they would fish for cod, herring, whales, and seals. when they used tools they would use simple ones like axes, saws, hammers, adzes for ships, homes, and to build other things. but the worriers they were the ones who were the great they would train night and day for when they go to battle. they would make there own weapons they would use and make long swords, daggers, spears, and battle axes. to protect them self’s they would have leather tunic, iron helmet they would not use full armor. they would think that there head was the most important part of there body the rest was nothing. for clothing the women would were long dresses. there things were always bright and colorful. the men would were long shirts and shorts. they would were jewelery things like gold and silver. things like rings or necklaces they were cherished and cared for them.the name Viking was first used by foreign authors in the 11th century AD. Its origin is probably the Swedish word for bay, “vik”. This shows the close connection between the people and the sea, of which they were totally dependent for their livelihood. They had a mythology of their own. Their gods were called “asar”, The Vikings are often considered wild, drunken, merciless robbers. In fact, their main occupation was farming and trade. The Viking expeditions were mostly trade expeditions that sometimes degenerated to looting. But to be honest, there were also expeditions whose main purpose was to loot foreign coastal regions. they would worship all different gods like Odin, Thor, and Frey.

Odin had a horse called Slepner with eight legs so it never got tired. Odin lived in Valhall. all those who had fallen in battle came to his castle in Asgard.

Thor was the thunder god. he was the god that makes the lightning the thunder and light up the sun.

Frey was the one that was the god of fertility and growing things. the crops needed help growing he helped.

there music was lost over time some tried to make it last but it was lost.

they would go on the longest journeys up and down the coast so they could go on the mountains they would go walk or tell story’s and sing songs (or get drunk) .

lots of there story’s were lost but they are still told when they can be. the story’s would be told about great battles, strong worriers the story’s would be more than good they would be great to rember. but lots were forgotten the story’s of the gods fighting monsters big nasty one eyed ugly things.  its was really funny but sad at the same time the vikings would think that the would was flat not round the people that said it was round were shamed upon. they would thank the gods for the world every day and they would thing that it would help them in the long run.

the Swedish vikings. there was distinction between the Swedish and the Norwegian vikings. The Danish and Norwegian expeditions went on to Byzantium and the Caliphate. Rune stones and archaeological artifact’s found in eastern Sweden and on the island of Gotland show that the trade exchange between eastern Sweden and the Near East was very intense at this time in history. These expeditions  often started from trade centers like Birka situated on an island in Lake Maren, not far from modern-day Stockholm. The Vikings also settled in the Russian town of Novgorod, which they called Homaged. As time went by their influence on the economic and political life grew and became decisive. According to a chronicle written in the 12Th century AD the Swedish Vikings were the founders of Russia. Although this is not very likely, the influence of the Vikings is still visible. The name Russia for instance probably originates from one of the names of the Swedish Vikings, ruser.
during the viking period the Swedish state began to take form. At the beginning of the period the power structure in Scandinavia or (the word that i cant say). was built on small chiefdom’s were small chiefs ruled.
but that’s my blog post in a nut shell i hope you enjoyed it vikings a cool :]
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what are adds really ? they can be good bad nasty nice but adds are really every were they are and the Internet, books, signs, and magazines. that is a lot of places if you really think about it.

like the weirdest stuff is in adds jobs,  sails,  and homes. that is a lot of things that adds can come in if i don’t say so my self. like if i were looking for a place to rent/buy i would look in the news paper for something. or if i were looking for a new table or set i would look on the television. there is lots of good things on the television like the commercials for things like cars, trucks, ATV,  snowmobile things like that and more and more but there is not never enough to not be able to find what you are looking for but i hope you like this post thanks

bicycles change lives

the transportand development go hand-in-hand. Virtually everything traded, must be transported, and almost everyone needs wheels to get to work or school. Simple, affordable transport generates wealth in developing countries, as well as saving lots of time and back-breaking work.

more and more people are sending money or bikes even to help out with the lives of those less forchtinut i think it is great that things are beeing don to help